Lots of tree guys seem to act like cowboys, using spikes and spurs to climb trees … and slinging chain saws around like 6-guns. Not A G. Our non-invasive pruning and trimming methods preserve the delicate inner bark of trees. We don’t wear spurs & spikes unless we’re climbing a tree that’s coming down.

Every time a tree climber wears spurs, he risks the transfer of pathogens from tree to tree. Blight, fungus, mold, rust, can all be transmitted in this way. The small holes from a climber’s spurs can also create cavities for water to collect and insects to attack.

At AGTree, all our crew attend regular training classes — both in horticulture and the safest techniques for hazardous tree removal. Our crews are trained to spot weaknesses, recognize each species of tree, and know the danger signs for early detection and preservation where possible.

We also comply with all ISA standards for tree horticulture and pruning.

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